Timeline Stories

December 4, 2019
This is the first issue of ASA’s new magazine, Soybean Digest, published in November 1940.

1940 – First issue of Soybean Digest is published

The American Soybean Association began publishing a monthly magazine in November 1940, called the Soybean Digest. In addition to publishing the proceedings of ASA’s annual convention…
November 25, 2019
ASA's 100th Anniversary logo

2020 – ASA observes its 100th Anniversary

On September 3, 2020, the American Soybean Association officially becomes 100 years old. During those ten decades, ASA helped build the U.S. soybean industry into the…
November 25, 2019
Harvesting soybeans on a good weather day.

2011 – Value of U.S. soybean exports reach a record $26 billion

The American Soybean Association’s longstanding work and support for international marketing continued to pay off as an all-time high record was reached in the 2011 marketing…
November 25, 2019

2005 – U.S. Soybean Export Council is formed

In 2005, following nearly 50 years of successful U.S. soybean export activities by the American Soybean Association, the farmer leaders of the American Soybean Association and…
November 25, 2019
Biodiesel production in the United States spiked dramatically the year following the 2004 passage of the first biodiesel tax incentive.

2004 – First biodiesel tax incentive passes

It was a landmark victory for ASA and the National Biodiesel Board when legislation creating the first biodiesel tax incentive was passed by Congress and signed…
November 25, 2019
This is the board of the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health in 2010.

2000 – World Initiative for Soy in Human Health is founded

The World Initiative for Soy in Human Health, known as WISHH, was founded by visionary soybean growers from 10 state soybean boards. The program was to…
November 25, 2019

2000 – China becomes the largest single-country purchaser of U.S. soybeans

By the 2000 marketing year, when China became the largest single-country purchaser of U.S. soybeans, ASA had been building and promoting a market for U.S. soybeans…
November 25, 2019
This is the poster art for the first Commodity Classic convention and trade show in 1996.

1996 – ASA and NCGA present the first Commodity Classic

In 1996, the American Soybean Association and National Corn Growers Association partnered to host the first ever Commodity Classic, a conference and trade show for soybean…
November 25, 2019
Our Soybean Checkoff

1991 – National checkoff assessments and collection begin

Checkoff assessments to fund promotion, research and education began on September 1, 1991, after having been authorized as part of the 1990 farm bill. One-half of…
November 25, 2019
This shows minutes of the special meeting of the ASA Voting Delegates when a resolution was approved to pursue a national soybean checkoff.

1989 – ASA begins work to achieve a national soybean checkoff

A special meeting of the ASA Voting Delegates was held on March 3, 1989 in St. Louis, Mo., to discuss a resolution to work toward a…
November 25, 2019
From 1978, this is a picture of ASA’s new world headquarters at 777 Craig Road in St. Louis, Missouri.

1978 – ASA office moves from Iowa to Missouri

In 1978, after having its office in the small town of Hudson, Iowa for nearly 40 years, the American Soybean Association moved to a “world headquarters”…
November 25, 2019
This farm photo is during harvest in 1964. Photo: Illinois Soybean Association

1968 – The first time more than half of U.S. soybean crop is exported

In 1969, ASA reported that more than half of the U.S. soybean crop for the 1968 marketing year was exported as whole soybeans or soybean meal.…