Growers Share Memories About Farming and Involvement with Their Soybean Associations

Delaware, OH

Amazing how technology has changed the farm in the last years. We can document, from planting to harvest, every aspect of what we have done to grow this crop. More→

Clinton, IL

During a summer board meeting in Washington, DC, I formulated a goal to become an ASA Director in order to advocate for all the American soybean farmers. More→

Kulm, ND

During the 2018 soybean harvest, both operations joined forces to bring 4 generations of Gackles and Zenkers together.  More→

Shickley, NE

The corn grower’s president introduced me to speak, so I did, off the top of my head.  More→

Wann, OK

Currently having four generations on the farm is quite special; we are beyond blessed! More→

Roseville, IL

I doubled soybean yields during my farming career. More→

Lovington, IL

The events we have as a soy family to build relationships among our leaders was the USB/ASA/ILL event in Chicago where we took boat ride on lake Michigan. More→

Osage, IA

I think the adoption of no-till soybeans in 1992 was the single most life changing event on our farm. More→

Belzoni, MS

When I started my farming career in Mississippi, soybean yields were in the teens; last year our farm average was 75 bu. per acre. More→